Simo Eydallin

Simone “Simo” Eydallin is a well known vertical runner on the MIGU VK World Circuit athlete, sponsored by technical brand Dynafit, in the past year he started to challenged himself to set a new records in his home valley, Val di Susa, located in the northwestern Italian Alps, between the city of Turin and the French boarder.

2020: set new world record for Everesting® by running only up hill 42km - 8.848D+ in 8h24'

2019: #5summits running five peaks in five consecutive days, from July, 29th to August, 2nd 2019, in less than five hours (total of 7000mt D+ on only 26km). The aim of this project is to crowdfund for Ugi Onlus (Union of Italian Parents against children’s cancer).